How to face the cold ?

Published : 01/31/2018 08:09:46

When the cold gets hold of the body, gestures tend to become rigid, less flexible and less coordinated. In order to fight against the cold and to be able to sail in winter in warmth and comfort, you must restrict the most possible contact with water and humidity produced by the body which generates the feeling of cold.

To do so, the choice of clothes becomes decisive. There is a way which, thanks to a well thought out outfit, will protect you against the bad cold weather, wind and humidity. This is what we call the three-layer system. This system aims to maintain body heat by evacuating perspiration in order to protect you against humidity.

The sailor must opt for his first clothing layer and his light and close to the body underwear such as long-sleeved t-shirts. Fabrics that absorb humidity like cotton are banned. You must focus on underwear made of synthetic fibers that breathe such as polyester, polyamide or Merino wool. The purpose of this layer is to evacuate perspiration, it’s essential.

For the second layer, the ideal is to wear a fleece that maintains body heat while evacuating perspiration. The goal is clearly to keep the body warm.

Finally, for the third layer, you must opt for a jacket that will complete the watertightness of your first two layers while having the same humidity evacuation system. Indeed, none of the first 2 layers protect against wind or rain, so add a garment equipped with a breathable membrane.

FORWARD WIP the Swiss brand, which manufactures marine safety equipment, offers you the Top Merino WIP ideal for your first layer ; the Fly WIP Neoprene set, top and fleece pant that will keep you warm in the second layer ; as well as the Breathable Spray Top that will allow you to protect yourself from wind and sea spray in the third layer.

The Fly WIP Neoprene is also designed to protect you from shocks you might experience while sailing.

In order to complete your 3-layer system, FORWARD WIP offers you a selection of waterproof marine accessories that will keep you warm, such as 2mm Neoprene Socks, Neoprene Sailing Gloves and the Neoprene Beanie.  

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